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Being Good

24 Aug


‘but the others – they were so good’
‘I won’t be very good though’

Two declarations, that two different class clients have made to me in the last week which have surprised me. The first was in reference to a choreographed fitness class whereby the participant felt she was the only one that did not know the routines, the latter in reference to the new TRX for Yoga exercises.

I’m going to say it right now! It is not possible to be ‘good’ (or what ‘bad’?) at a group exercise class. There will be times when you are challenged, there will be times when you feel immense pride nailing a move that you couldn’t previously, or can train a little bit harder – for a little bit longer. There will be times you step out of your comfort zone. There will be times you can no longer see your comfort zone! BUT it is simply not a case of being good or bad (incidentally a major bug bear of mine is the labeling of foods as ‘good/bad’ too but that’s a whole other blog!)

At Sussex Zest you will always be supported by our team, and we will meet you where you are now. You don’t need to have memorised choreography (that’s kind of our job), or to have mastered the highest progression (actually there will probably always be one higher) of an exercise. It’s about your own progression, your own journey.

EVERY time you lace up your trainers, every time you walk through the door you are choosing to improve your health, increase your life expectancy, to take care of your body and mind…..and that’s not ‘good’. That’s blooming amazing.


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