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Guest Blog – “Everyone Loves a Happy Ending”

03 Oct

(Sam) This blog was written by one of my small group training clients.
I’ve included a video below on how to check for Diastasis Recti. If you have any concerns please do speak to your healthcare provider. As you can see it’s not always picked up so even if your child is past the newborn stage it’s worth thinking about. Some exercises are contra-indicated for clients with DR, and some can help significantly!


(Client) I’ve been training since Sam since June this year. I wanted a new ME and toned body. Sam was working her magic but she gently suggested that I might have DIASTASIS RECTI, after seeing my stomach doming while putting me through my paces. I took myself to the doctors who then confirmed this. I’m now waiting for an ultra sound and might end up with an operation. Thanks to Sam at Sussex Zest for spotting this – it’s taken Doctors four years and it only took you 5 months xx

(Sam) Thank you for sharing your experience with us. The diagnosis has presented an bump in the road of this clients weight loss goals but it is certainly not an insurmountable one. Working closely with her health care provider, continuing to discuss complementary nutrition approaches and exercising in line with the American College of Sports and Medicine guidelines I am sure she will continue to progress. Thank you for your energy which every week lights up the studio!

How to check your tummy muscles for Diastasis Recti (separation)

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