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How our Classes Help our Clients Progress.

03 Aug


I was disheartened recently to read a studio blog claim that fitness classes could not be progressive and therefore were ‘exercise but not proper training’.

Progressive programming in fitness refers to a series of ongoing changes applied your workout to avoid a fitness plateau.  Tony Musto, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at the University of Miami. That learning process for a new regime can take up to eight weeks depending on how frequently you train.

After that, Musto says, you’ll start to see hypertrophy, the technical term for an increase in muscle size, or muscle fiber cross-width. “But after about 12 to 16 weeks, those adaptations become less significant,” he says. That’s when you need to change your routine.

The changes you make will depend on your own goals but may include increasing exercise duration, distance, speed or adding load (weight, reps) or even adding complementary cross training etc
These changes are obviously more straightforward to create and apply in a Personal Training or Small Group Personal Training scenario however I think that some of the principles we adopt at Sussex Zest means that our classes are progressive too.

The Brand Releases
Did you notice how many of us PILOXING Knockout fans experienced the same inner thigh delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) following the new Pilates ‘Gymnast’ block?  These quarterly releases are designed to challenge your muscles in a new way each time and avoid those plateaus.   You’ll experience this in PILOXING, PILOXING Barre and PILOXING Knockout.   It’s no coincidence of course that the releases are 12 weekly!

The Kit
TRX Suspension Trainer – what an amazing tool for allowing clients of different fitness levels and experience to work alongside each other all getting an effective resistance training workout.  And each individual can progress themselves too of course – there are several principles in TRX Training which can increase/decrease load – the vector principle one being one you may be most familiar with – how the angle of your body to the ground determines the intensity of the exercise, by getting lower into a plank, row or press you can still exercise your muscles to fatigue but there are others too.  We also have a wide range of weights for our clients – dumbbells, ViPRs, kettlebells etc.  You may well have heard Sam coach to choose a weight (or Vector angle) that ‘challenges you, but you can maintain good form’ for the duration.

The Class Sizes
Our class sizes are carefully capped (14 PILOXING, 10 TRX, 10 Freestyle Fitness Yoga etc) to ensure you can benefit from your instructors expertise in a group setting.  If you’ve ever been in a very large class I can understand how you may feel you weren’t pushed to your full potential.  Perhaps you coasted at the back?  Perhaps it was actually unclear what you should be doing?  In these large classes I think the worst case scenario is that you can risk injury, and best case – you probably aren’t getting some of the small tweaks and suggestions from your coach that could really make the difference to your workout experience.  Booking online is easy and secure and it means you won’t end up lost in a crowd.  We were delighted to receive this feedback from Bezzis PILOXING class last week:


The Education
Our instructors are committed to their professional development and regularly attend update days to stay on top of a fairly dynamic industry.  This doesn’t always mean training to teach every workout out there is but striving to be highly professional and competent in the ones they do.

Above all else though I feel we know our clients.  We understand their goals and we are committed to helping them get there.  So I believe that fitness classes CAN be progressive and I hope you agree.  Talk to us at info@sussexzest.co.uk

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