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Our Classes – Animal Flow

05 Jan

In this series we’re going to take an in depth look at the classes on our comprehensive timetable.  So if you’ve been wondering about what it is, or who it’s for now you’ll know!

Animal Flow

animal flow

What is it?
It’s like no other movement you have ever seen before.
Animal Flow is an innovative fitness program, which combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout, emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement.
Animal Flow includes a wide range of exercises and movement combinations that are grouped into six components, all of which are designed to elicit specific results. These components can be mixed and matched in many different ways to create a “Flow”.
Fitness enthusiasts of all levels will see significant benefits from Animal Flow, including increased mobility, flexibility, stability, power, endurance, skill and neuromuscular communication

Who ’s it for?
Everyone! Including those new to fitness or seasoned fitness enthusiasts.
All movements can be both regressed and progressed.
It’s also beneficial to weightlifters or those who do other kinds of strength training as it improves mobility and helps to prevent injury.
If you have a medical condition or are carrying/returning from an injury please do contact us before class.

What do I wear/bring?
You don’t need any equipment as it is purely bodyweight training. Just wear normal fitness attire, leggings/shorts and a T-shirt/vest top. Animal Flow is a barefoot workout, but socks can also be worn. If you prefer to wear trainers, that’s fine too, but it is easier to move in this practise without shoes.
Please bring a bottle of water.

When’s it on?
Tuesdays at 7pm

How much does it cost?
£8 PAYG or save with a multi class pass available at MINDBODY
Your first class is half price!

Do I need to book?
Yes! This one does get full and with a maximum class size of 10 we can guarantee a boutique sized fitness experience.  Booking is quick and easy via MindBody or the MINDBODY app

Sounds good! See you there