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When we work together, it just works better.

10 Nov


I was disappointed recently to once again read a fellow fitness professional speaking negatively of group exercise. In fact stating that only Small Group or Personal Training was ‘proper training’. I wrote about this earlier this year and described the way, we at Sussex Zest made our group fitness sessions appropriate for all fitness levels and progressive to get you results. How our classes help our clients progress

A good Group Fitness Instructor sees the group and the individual. If a general correction or cue is needed he or she can give this to the group but we also have the skills to develop the individuals within that group – some of our client feedback shows how we make this happen at Sussex Zest.





Don’t get me wrong – Personal Training is a great way to accelerate results, and 1-2-1 clients are likely to feel noticeably challenged and progressed quickly. But when PTs question the effectiveness of Group Exercise I feel very frustrated. In addition to the aforementioned skills of looking after individuals and the larger group a Group Fitness Instructor must cue the group ahead of the music, for them to move in time to the music, often whilst performing themselves – no mean feat at all.

Group fitness is a fantastic entry point to those new to exercise or returning to exercise. The buzz you get from training with like-minded individuals is highly motivational and recent research as shown that it can also have mental health benefits. Exercising in a group is better for physical and mental health, study suggests But it doesn’t stop there. It’s time now for Personal Trainers to stop undermining Group Fitness Instructors. When we work together – it just works better for our clients, and that’s what we all want at the end of the day isn’t it?

Trends in fitness may come and go but there will always be a place for training in a group. And on a personal note, I love my weight training – but these triceps? Built by PILOXING. Keep it positive guys and let us know what you think at info@sussexzest.co.uk Sam

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