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‘You must be super fit doing 15 classes a week Sam!’

14 Feb


If I had a £ for every time I heard this I would be pretty wealthy anyway. But I don’t do 15 classes a week. I may teach them but I don’t DO them. And here is why:

My role is to coach my participants. To look after them, have my eyes on up to 10 at any one time. Not to workout myself. If I am joining in and giving 100% (or even less – then it’s the worst of both worlds!) my attention is not on my clients. I am not in a position to motivate, make any adjustments or tweaks, offer ideas for regression or progression….

I need to look after my own physical well-being. With a chronic foot condition and the odd (to be expected) niggle and twinge I need to make sure my body is functioning to it’s optimal. Both so I can work, and so I can live my everyday life. I know firsthand how frustrating being injured is, and having to deviate from your regime, but if you’re wondering why I demo one or two jumps then ‘just’ coach – that’s likely why!
And finally I am often asked if I need to do any exercise in addition to what I teach. The answer is – yes! I try to take a week by week view and see what I’ve got coming up. Some classes (Barre) my physical involvement is more intense than others (Small Group PT, TRX). Depending on how much I’ll be doing at work will influence how much I do in my own time. But I will emphasise that fitness is my leisure (skiing, bouldering, cycling) as well as my job. And yes I go to other fitness classes. Love ‘em – that’s ‘me’ time.


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