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27 Feb

Unilateral Training

By: Sam Robbins – Categories: , , – February 27, 2019

It’s almost March! If January dragged then February flew and now we’re gearing up for a new month of INTENSITY – measurable, progressive, performance driven HIIT at Sussex Zest. If you’ve yet to try it you can jump on board at anytime (and your fi ... Continue Reading

14 Feb

If I had a £ for every time I heard this I would be pretty wealthy anyway. But I don’t do 15 classes a week. I may teach them but I don’t DO them. And here is why: My role is to coach my participants. To look after them, have my eyes on up to 10 at a ... Continue Reading

11 Dec

Gym Owner of the Month

By: Sam Robbins – Categories: , – December 11, 2018

25 Nov

‘Are you crazy Sam? Blogging about clients that have left/quit?’  Possibly but here goes, and hopefully the rationale will be apparent. Both were 1-2-1 Personal Training clients.  Both are female.  Both have specific goals – which is great becaus ... Continue Reading

14 Mar

You’ve probably seen it on fitness trackers, and on cardio equipment in gyms (treadmills, cross trainers etc), a colourful graph of heart rate training zones.  Usually along the lines of: 60-70% MHR sometimes called ‘light’ or ‘fat burning zone ... Continue Reading