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Unilateral Training

27 Feb


It’s almost March!

If January dragged then February flew and now we’re gearing up for a new month of INTENSITY – measurable, progressive, performance driven HIIT at Sussex Zest.
If you’ve yet to try it you can jump on board at anytime (and your first class is half price using code FIRST at INTENSITY however the start of the month is a particularly good time! Every Wednesday at 20.00

For now I’d like to tell you a little bit about the benefits of unilateral (single sided) training – something I try to include in every new months cycle, but featured particularly highly in January.

Unilateral exercises are single arm, single leg of asymmetric movements. For example single leg squats, single arms biceps curls, or as featured in Januarys classes asymmetric press ups and pull ups.

The main benefit of training this way is that both sides of the body are worked equally. Most people have a naturally more dominant side (whether strength or mobility wise) and that side can often ‘pick up the slack’ of the less dominant side. By challenging both it allows for growth of the less dominant side – it can catch up. It addresses muscle imbalances.

If a client has an injury, or is returning from an injury on one side we can work with that – perhaps lighter weights or reps on the compromised side but still aiming for hypertrophy (muscle growth) on the healthy side.

Unilateral training can develop core stability and balance as often you are more unstable training this way so will activate the core muscles to assist the movement.

Unilateral training is fun, and FUNCTIONAL. Often these movements mirror everyday life more accurately – you’re unlikely to push your child on the swing with both hands evenly, pick up the shopping with both hands evenly etc…

So give it a try – include some unilateral training in your workout and let us know what you think info@sussexzest.co.uk

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